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4-H House is a cooperative sorority that serves as a home away from home for 55 women at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. The sorority was founded in 1934 by 4-H member Mary McKee. In 1980, we joined the University of Illinois Greek System, and the opportunities available to 4-H House women were broadened. We are involved in numerous activities throughout the year, including Little Sister and Little Brother Weekends, Mom's and Dad's Day Weekends, Formals, Exchanges with Fraternities, and Philanthropic Activities.

To be considered for membership, women must have a minimum of three years of 4-H club or group membership OR a minimum of three years leadership experience in a widely recognized youth organization.

4-H House Capital Campaign  Nurture the Future @ 805
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House Chat

2014 Fall Homefront

Click here for the 2014 Fall Homefront We are loving the new look of the Homefront – thanks to the [...]

POSTED by: Joyce on 8th August 2014

4-H House Cookbook

Printable order form available for the 4-H House Cookbook OR order online!

POSTED by: Joyce on 14th August 2014

Commemorative Items

You can now order your Silk Scarves and T-shirts right here!  You can be styling with your sisters! Click here [...]

POSTED by: Joyce on 14th August 2014

Faith Wendte

My name is Faith Wendte, and I am from Altamont, IL.  I am a junior majoring in Agribusiness, Markets & [...]

POSTED by: Krista on 10th February 2015

Nicole Chance

Hello my name is Nicole Chance and I am a freshman majoring in agricultural communications at the University of Illinois. [...]

POSTED by: Krista on 18th March 2015

Renee Tillman

My name is Renee Tillman and I am a freshman studying speech and hearing science. I grew up in Altamont, [...]

POSTED by: Krista on 3rd March 2015

Emily Bloemer

Hi!  My name is Emily Bloemer, and I am a freshman majoring in Agri-Accounting.  I am from the lovely town [...]

POSTED by: Krista on 20th February 2015


We are 4-H House

4-H House Cooperative Sorority at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Urbana, participates in the University of Illinois sorority rush, offers affordable undergraduate female student housing at U of I, and has academic scholarships available at Illinois for transfer students and other undergraduates. It is one of the Ohio Street sororities and Lincoln Avenue sororities that offers leadership opportunities at the University of Illinois. Look at us when you are searching for Iowa sororities, Wisconsin sororities, Indiana sororities, agricultural sororities, and Midwest university sororities with Midwest academic scholarships.