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Academics come first at 4-H House.  For this reason the first semester new members are here they have mandatory study hours from 7-10pm Sunday through Thursday.  Also, an academic advisor is appointed to each new member to keep track of their progress and offer any help or advice needed. This is to help them adjust to the rigorous course work here at the University. 


New members are required to achieve a 2.6 GPA their first semester in the house in order to become an active member in the house.  If the 2.6 GPA is not achieved then they will not activate and will be given another semester to work to raise their GPA.


Tutoring Program


House Members who are in need of tutoring assistance can communicate such need with the 4-H House Scholarship Chair and President and Mary McKee Board Chair. Tutoring requests will be considered on a case by case basis by this group. The Mary McKee Board will pay the tutor for tutoring and charge the participants. The group (Scholarship Chair, President and Mary McKee Board Chair) will also receive feedback from the tutor to determine whether the House Members who requested the assistance actively participated in the tutoring sessions. If they actively participated, the charge will be waived but if not, the charge will remain and added to their last housebill.


4-H House provides an excellent environment to excel academically at the University of Illinois. Click here to see the academic requirements, available resources and current scholarships for eligible women of the house. 



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