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About Us

4-H House Goals
  • To strengthen the bonds of friendship

  • Develop a spirit of unity among its members

  • Promote scholastic interests

  • Maintain an enriching home at lower cost

  • To provide social activities


Philanthropy is an important part of living at 4-H House, and part of Panhellenic life at the University of Illinois. Every 4-H House member must complete five hours of community service per semester.  At least two of these hours must be House-related philanthropy hours.  The Philanthropy Chairperson will inform house women of opportunities to fulfill these requirements.


Journey is 4-H House's primary philanthropy.   In honor of Jennifer Esworthy, a 4-H House alumnae, and her younger sister Jackie, who lost their lives in a tragic car accident caused by a drunken driver, we host Etas Bake in the fall and a Euchre tournament in the spring.  The money we raise is used to help purchase cameras to put in police cars  to help keep repeat drunk drivers off the roads and loved ones safe.

Cooperative Living

Here at 4-H House we do all of our own cooking and cleaning.  Jobs are divided by members of the house based on seniority.  Girls have the option of cook or dish crews, and either a shorter, daily cleaning house duty or a more intensive weekly house duty. This helps keep costs at a minimum and teaches valuable life skills.


Member of 4-H House also govern themselves.  House meeting and chapter meetings are held on Monday evenings.  All house members, including new members, elect the officers for the house each semester. The ten house members elected to the Executive Board provide the main leadership for the house.  There is also a Junior Executive Board consisting of the remaining elected officers.  They plan activities throughout the semester such as rowdy half hours and study breaks during Finals Week.  



Alumni Board

The Illinois 4-H House Alumni Association is primarily responsible for the physical maintenance and financial matters within the house.  The Alumni Association elects a Board of Directors during its annual Association meeting.  The Board is composed of twelve Alumnae who meet periodically throughout the year to conduct business related to 4-H House.  In addition to the alumnae on the board, four Exec officers (President, Treasurer, House Manager and Secretary) serve on the board as non-voting members and are required to attend each Board meeting.  The board also oversees the rental of the property at 801 W. Ohio, which was purchased by the Association from Carline Heinrichs.


To learn more about living at 4-H House be sure to visit our Join Us page!

Feel free to contact us at with any questions or to schedule a tour of the house.  We would love to meet you and show you why we love living in our home away from home.

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